Choosing the Best Water Distiller for Your Family

What is distilled water?

This is a good question to be answered. Distilled water is free of many impurities, such as minerals, chemicals, sediments etc. It’s hard to say all the impurities in water are harmful to your health. Some minerals may be the minerals that our body needs. But most of the impurities are harmful to our body. Especially along with the rapid development of industry, natural water is polluted. Many harmful impurities are dissolved in water. If we drink such contaminated water, we will place a heavy burden on our body. Finally the contaminated water may cause diseases.

What is distilled water? Distilled water is the purest water which is free of chemicals, such as chlorine, pesticides, benzene etc. These chemicals are toxic. Heart trouble, cancer and senility may cause by these chemicals. Also it is free of minerals. This is bad news and good news. Bad news is that useful minerals are removed and the good news is that harmful minerals such as lead, mercury, arsenic are removed. What’s more, it is free of bacteria, virus and other microorganisms.

How to make distilled water?

Well, another question how to make distilled water. The process of making distilled water is called distillation. When water is heated and boiling, liquid water converts into vapor, then condense the vapor to make it become liquid water again. All the impurities are left in the boiling water; the pure condensed water doesn’t contain any impurities. The process of distillation shows that why distilled water is the purest water in the world. We can use home water distiller to make it at home.

In fact, rain water is such distilled water in a sense. River water, lake water, ocean water is heated by the sun, and some liquid water changes into water vapor. The vapor arises and forms cloud. Finally it becomes rainwater. But the rain water is not pure because there are VOCs in the air. These VOCs dissolve in rainwater and contaminate the rain water.

We cannot live without water. Our body needs water. Loss of water may lead to reduction in blood circulation, which causes renal failure, brain damage etc. So we need to drink healthy water. I can’t say the distilled water is the healthiest water. But I can say it is the safest water we can drink.

Top 4 Best Water Distiller

There are many home water distillers available. Some are good, while some are poor. Choosing the best water distiller can help us drink healthy water and make our lives colorful. Here we highly recommend these best models for you:

#1: MegaHome MH943SB

This MegaHome MH943SB is another Nutriteam Countertop model with brushed stainless steel exterior. The design of this MegaHome MH943SB is classic. And the stainless steel exterior makes it more durable, especially for some people who live in coastal areas, because of its corrosion resistance.
4.5 out of 5 stars!(60 customer reviews)

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#2: MegaHome MH943TWS

best water distiller: MegaHome-MH943TWS-Countertop-Water-DistillerThe Megahome MH943TWS is one of the most reliable and durable distillers on the market. This product can supply you with pleasant distilled water constantly. This pure distiller is economical, portable, convenient and 100% safe. This distiller is the best-selling distiller on
4.5 out of 5 stars!(194 customer reviews)

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#3: WaterWise 4000 Water Purifier

best water distiller: waterwise-4000-best-water-distillerThe Waterwise 4000 water purifier is one of the best ones available on the market. This product can provide you with the healthy distilled water and can easily remove bacteria, dissolved solids, particles, VOCs and other contaminants. Water is the most essential element that our body needs.
4.0 out of 5 stars!(23 customer reviews)

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#4: WaterWise 8800 countertop water Distiller

Waterwise 8800 distiller is for people who are nervous about the tap water and want to drink pure water. You can easily program it at night to work while you are sleeping. In the morning, you can drink the distilled water. Also you can keep the distilled water in the refrigerator.
3.7 out of 5 stars!(29 customer reviews)

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Main home distillers available on the market can distill one gallon water in 4 to 6 hours. One gallon water is enough for 4 persons one day. The power is about from 500w to 800w. The high-power one can shorten the distilling time.

Compared to buying bottled water at local store, normally using a countertop purifier to distill one gallon will cost you about 26 cents, while one gallon distilled water at local store will cost you $1.5.

Our pure water distiller reviews focus on the best one. We focus on the qualities, appearances, materials, probabilities, safeties, usability and other factors. The high quality distillers’ Boil chamber, dome, and condensing coils are made of stainless steel. Modern and impact design makes them more portable for home, office or travel. The auto shut-off switch makes it much safer while working. Some advanced ones even are programmable. You can preset time to run.

Disclaimer:This website is mainly about home water distillers. And we are not sponsored by any manufacturer or company. We build this website to provide useful information about the best models. Theses reviews are objective. We like to drink distilled water from the distiller. Our reviews are based on the merit of each model which may be based on our own experience or other’s people’s valuable reviews.

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