3 water treatment devices: water distillers, water ionizers and Reverse Osmosis system

When we talking about drinking water, most of us may think drinking water is both essential and healthy to our body. Each day we have to drink about 2 liters. Many people have realized the importance of water drinking, but we must think about the water quality. This is a big issue we must face. Can you dare to say you drink healthy water every day? Even water from the water supply network (tap water) also contains a few contaminants which are harmful to our health. To solve such problems, more and more people now are using water purification devices to get clean and healthy water.

There is another question how many water treatment devices available we can use to purify water? Further more, which device or system is the best? The latter question may have various answers according to different people. Now we will talk about 3 main water treatment devices.

Water distillers

Distillation is one of the oldest method to get pure water. The whole process is relatively easy but unique. To purify water, we must separate water and contaminants. All the purification system must do the job. The distiller heats the water to the boiling point, and then water steam arises and is condensed into liquid. Finally we get pure water. All the contaminants are left in the boil chamber. The process separates water from contaminants.

The countertop water distiller is very straightforward to install and use, just plug use. However, the disadvantage of a distiller is that all the minerals are removed, even the healthy minerals. The taste of distilled water is flat. How long to get 1 gallon pure water is also another problem. The process may need about 4 to 6 hours and consumes much more electricity to power the heating elements and condenser of the distiller.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Unlike distillers, a reverse osmosis water system makes use of the semi-permeable membrane to filter water. The membrane contains many very tiny pores which only allow water to flow through. Other contaminants such as compounds, bacterial, microorganisms and minerals cannot pass through the pores because of larger molecular composition than water. RO system is very effective in clean water for cooking, drinking and showering. In a short time, it can provide you plenty of water to use. Also the filters need to be replaced every 6 months on a regular basis.

Advantage: RO Systems don’t remove all the minerals compared to distillers.

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Water ionizers

Which is the best water treatment device? The answer is water ionizers, which are able to filter water and make it much healthier to drink. The process of ionization can give water more antioxidant reductive substances, which are helpful to balance your food diet, increase nutrition uptake, and get more energy. These ionizers can be used with both RO systems and distillers. The water from RO systems can be directly used in the ionizers, but distilled water must be added minerals back before it is ionized.

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