Best countertop water distiller

Everybody needs to drink water. Without water, one can not survive for 4 to 7 days. However, with the development of industry water is becoming contaminated. So how to drink water healthily is becoming more and more important. The key point is that we need to purify the water we drink.

There are two ways you can get pure water. One method is running water through a water filter. However, if you want to get the purest water or the tap water is very nasty, you can use a countertop water distiller to make distilled water. Which one is the best? We do some research on many products available on the market. Through comparing the price and quality, the best one is MegaHome White Enamel countertop water  distiller with Glass Collection.

MegaHome White Enamel countertop distiller with Glass Collection

Best countertop water distiller

The reasons: This product can distill one gallon water for four hours. You just simple need to plug it in, and fill enough tainted water, then you can leave. The MegaHome White Enamel countertop water  distiller will work for you. It can boil the contaminated water and condense the clean steam, then you can get purest distilled water. It’s also ideal for the devices that need distilled water like clothes irons. This Megahome distiller also provide a charcoal filter, however, many people said it’s unessential. This product is the best selling product on Amazon. It’s well-designed and sturdy. And it’s very easy to clean.

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Waterwise 4000 Water Purifier

 Why is this Waterwise 4000 a best pick: Don’t like water filters, the distiller boils the water and this way is the safest way to remove impurities such as bacteria, minerals, chemicals etc. Waterwise 4000 can do the good job as top rated and best-selling MegaHome MegaHome White Enamel countertop water  distiller with Glass Collection.It is made of durable and sturdy steel. The design and color are similar. Because all the distillers need a fan to cool the steam, a fan noise is inevitable to bother people who is noise-sensitive.

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