Can Boiling Water help you to Remove Fluoride?

Fluoride widely exists in our drinking water (tap water), because it is widely used as a disinfector by many water treatment plants. Some people don’t care about its existing in their drinking water, while more and more people want to drink pure water and they want to remove Fluoride in their water.MegaHome-MH943-Countertop-Water-Distiller

Recently, some people asked me whether they can boil water to remove fluoride.

The answer is negative. Why? It’s because it is less volatile in the water. If you boil water for a long time, water will change into steam and arise while the fluoride is also in the container, making it more concentrated.

So you cannot boil water to remove it directly. However, you can collect the vapor and condense it in another container, then you can get water while contains less fluoride than the water you boil at the first. The whole process is called distillation. The water we get is called distilled water. You can make distilled water at home. However, there are many home water distillers on the market to simplify the whole process of distillation, making you purefy water at home easily and conveniently.

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