Can you Drink Distilled Water?

We cannot live without water?

It is commonly believed that we cannot survive without water. All the species also cannot live without water. One people can survive for 4 weeks without food, but without water the time is only 8-14 days. Drinking clean and healthy water can make us keep healthy. We can drink many types of water, such as distilled water, mineral water and alkaline water. Among them, the cleanest and purest water is distilled water. So can you drink it every day?

Why we need to drink distilled water?

Don’t like other types water, this type of water is the purest water in the world. From the process of distillation, you can understand it much clearly. Water is heated and boiled, then the liquid water is converted into steam, then the steam is cooled to become liquid water. The process of distillation need power to heat and boil the water. All the unwanted impurities are left and dissolved. When the steam is cooled and transform into liquid water you can get pure water.

It doesn’t contain any impurities, such as viruses, bacteria, chemicals, minerals parasites, and other harmful contaminants. Drinking this type of  water can prevent you from drinking any contaminants that may make you ill. Nowadays, natural water is polluted more or less. In some area, water is polluted heavily because of industry. Even the tap water is not clean. The tap water contains chlorine, because waterworks need chlorine to kill virus or bacteria. Chlorine is harmful for our health. So the water is the cleanest water we can drink.

Another question: how to make it?

Although you can purchase bottled water, but the cost is high. Making distilled water ourselves can save a lot of money. Of course, using a countertop water distiller ( such as MegaHome MH943TWS ) can help you. To learn more about the knowledge, reading another post: how to make distilled water.

The answer:

Although it lacks useful minerals but natural water contains more continents. I prefer to drinking pure water. And the useful minerals can be supplemented by other food such as fruits and vegetables.

As diseases is rising, it’s important that we only drink pure water can protect us from water borne diseases. So the answer to “Can you drink distilled water” is yes.

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