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Distilled Doesn’t Mean Clean & Pure

Recently, a reader left a comment on one of my post if you want to live longer, please drink distilled water: “I always think distilled water is the cleanest and purest water which one can drink, because I’ve been taught

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How & Where to Buy Distilled Water

Everyone needs to drink water and most of our body is made of water. Most people want the safest, purest water to drink, cook and wash. As one type of purified water, distilled water has been accepted by more and

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Can Boiling Water help you to Remove Fluoride?

Fluoride widely exists in our drinking water (tap water), because it is widely used as a disinfector by many water treatment plants. Some people don’t care about its existing in their drinking water, while more and more people want to

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if you want to live longer, please drink distilled water

Water pollution is becoming more and more serious nowadays. Even the water we drink today also contains many contaminants. Our water sources have been polluted because of industrial development. The tap water we drink also contains contaminants. Drinking pure water

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What is distilled water?

What is distilled water? This is a good question to be answered. Distilled water is free of many impurities, such as minerals, chemicals, sediments etc. It’s hard to say all the impurities in water are harmful for your healthy. Some

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Is distilled water safe to drink?

Is distilled water safe to drink? If you ask such a problem, you may know something about distilled water. To answer this question, you need to know the process of distillation. The process is simple and effect. The process of

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Can you Drink Distilled Water?

We cannot live without water? It is commonly believed that we cannot survive without water. All the species also cannot live without water. One people can survive for 4 weeks without food, but without water the time is only 8-14

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