Distilled Doesn’t Mean Clean & Pure

distilledwater-1Recently, a reader left a comment on one of my post if you want to live longer, please drink distilled water:

“I always think distilled water is the cleanest and purest water which one can drink, because I’ve been taught that. However, your post said drinking too much this type of water is harmful. Why?”

I have to admit that completely distillation can purify water. However, another water fact is that this type of water may be very impure. If we know how distillation works, we can well know the truth.

First step, we need to boil water and make it cook again to collet it. Ideally, all the contaminants might be removed due to their different boiling points. But this happens difficultly, unless the right temperature and pressure are controlled accurately. In real world, this won’t happen. It is not so easy as it seems. At least, some VOCs contaminants cannot be removed from the water just from vaporization. Sometimes contaminants may be added in distilled water due to the unclean glassware or metal components.

If you plan to drink it, remember impurities may come from the container even if the distillation is scrupulous. When producing plastics, heavy metals are used to stabilize package plastics, so it is evitable to leach into the water over time. Therefore, choosing a glass container may be a good choice. You also can do some water quality test and you even can buy a water distiller to make distilled water yourself if you don’t trust the quality of bottled water.


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