How to choose a good home water distiller

If you want to effectively remove waterborne impurities at home, distilling the tap water is a great way. If you want to get pure water, I guess you know how dirty the tap water is. Or you may prefer to buying bottled water, but in the long run, an effective distillation system can offer you enough pure water to drink, cook and wash and can save a lot of money over bottled water.

The most important feature of distillers is that they can make water clean and safe. Why? It depends on how they are working. Water is heated to 100 degrees Celsius, which can kill all germs and bacteria. The high temperature makes the liquid water change into steam, while other impurities are still left in the liquid water. The water steam will be cooled and lead to another container, where you can get pure liquid water. Therefore, a consumer who wants to purchase a home water distiller should consider more other factors, not only cleanliness. You should do some research on a home water distiller’s brand, model and customer service to choose the most convenient and economical one.Home water distiller

There are some instructions you can follow if you decide to buy a distiller for your family.

1. How much water will be consumed per day?

First, you should know how much water you will consume per day. To answer this question, you can ask yourself how you will use the pure water. Only drink, or cook, or wash. Each model has different output levels. The most popular distiller can provide you from 0.9 to 1 gallon every 4 to 5 hours. You can spend one or two week to record how much water you typically consume, then you can calculate how many gallons water you will need per day.

2. Considering convenience!

When you go to the stores or brose items on some online retailers like Amazon, you will find the prices of different models are so different. It’s because some expensive ones can provide you extra functions. For example, do you want your distilled water to be immediately cooled and drink, or do you prefer to wait a few hours in the front of your fridge to get chilled water. If you want to get some convenient functions, of course you need to pay extra money.

3. Do some research on the distiller wattage!

Some models are more efficient than other ones. The best water distiller will not take a heavy toll on the electric bill.

4. Compare customer service and warranties!

A distiller is an investment in pure water. You may need to spend a few hundreds bulks to get one. Once it breaks down, you need warranties and customer service. Bad warranties and customer service may make the investment blown.

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