How to make distilled water?

Do you know how to make distilled water? Why do we need to drink distilled water?

The fact is we need healthy water to drink, we need to drink distilled water!

Many people have realized the importance of drinking healthy water. What is the healthiest water? Of course, it’s the distilled water. With the fast development of the world industry, natural water normally have been polluted, including more and more contaminants, such as salt, bacteria, calcium or iron etc. Many kidney diseases are caused by the chemicals in the water we drink. No matter top water, or river water, even or spring water, they all contain inorganic minerals.

 The question is How to make distilled water!

 One way: buying the distilled water cost you a lot of money!

how to make distilled water

The easiest way to get the distilled water is to go to a grocery or a retail store to purchase the distilled water. Normally groceries and retail stores sells the distilled water, usually in one gallon containers. The price is about $1.5 one gallon. One active person may need at least 2 quarts of water, about half of one gallon water. If your family has four members, you need to prepare at least 2 gallons for them to drink one day, which will cost you about $3 per day if you like to drink the distilled water. In one year, you will pay over $1000 for the distilled water. It’s a big money.

 Another way: we make distilled water by using water distillers ourselves.

The most effective way to make distilled water is to buy a countertop distiller to make distilled water ourselves. Normally one distiller can provide you one gallon water in 4 to 6 hours one time, up to 4 gallons one day. It can provide enough water for your family. Buying one will cost you about $200 to $300, which can working for more 3 years. And distilling one gallon water will cost you about 26 cents, two gallon 52 cents, one year about $189 for the electric charge. One year you only need to pay about $289 (electric charge + one year depreciation cost of the water distiller) for the distilled water, compared to over $1000 if you buy distilled water at retail stores.

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