How & Where to Buy Distilled Water

Everyone needs to drink water and most of our body is made of water. Most people want the safest, purest water to drink, cook and wash. As one type of purified water, distilled water has been accepted by more and more people who dislike the tap water or bottled natural spring water. Although the advantages and disadvantages are controversial, you are also able to buy it in most local grocery stores with some certainty which ensures you get what you are purchasing for.


How to buy

  1. First, you should know the difference between distilled water and other types of water which are suitable for drinking, such as RO water, mineral water, spring water etc. The process of distillation can remove minerals and kill bacterial due to fact that water is heated to the boiling point to become vapor which will be lead to another container to condense so that minerals and bacterial are separated from the clean water. Some experts advise that it is safe to drink it.
  2. Secondly, you are required to know the quality of your bottled water. You can read some scientific tests conducted by the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency, so you can know how safe the bottled water is because harmful chemicals and bacteria can be measured.
  3. You also need to know who produces it and the supplier’s water source and safety testing at the bottling facility. Bottled water sources are limited and they are regulated by the FDA. If you find the water source is not on the list, it is not recommended to purchase. In order to prevent bacterial growth in the bottled water, it is necessary to inspect the bottling equipment periodically, or it may result in contaminated water which is delivered to the consumer.
  4. Not all the purified water is always distilled. Therefore, you can check the labels on the packing to know which method is used to purify water. Reverse Osmosis, deionization, simple charcoal filters and other methods are also used to purify water.
  5. You also need to know your state’s bottled water regulations so that you can find out the exact regulations which distilled water is required to meet.
  6. You’d better choose a brand which meets both FDA and EPA specifications first. It tastes flat because all the natural minerals are removed from the water. This doesn’t make an influence on the safety of water.

Where to buy

Distilled water is so easy to access. You can buy it in your local grocery stores. However, if the citizens in your area don’t have a habit of consuming this type of water, you may find it is hard to find it. In this situation, the best place to buy it is at some online stores (like Amazon) where you can find plenty of brands you can choose from. If you don’t want to purchase it, you can consider a water distiller to make it at home, which is more economical.



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