Is distilled water safe to drink?

Is distilled water safe to drink? If you ask such a problem, you may know something about distilled water. To answer this question, you need to know the process of distillation. The process is simple and effect.

The process of distillation

First, water is heated in a tank or container. The water temperature rises to 100 centigrade, killing all the viruses, bacteria, and cysts   which may be present. The process of heating can converts the liquid water into steam. The steam rises and leaves behind dissolved solids, salts, dead microbes, heavy metals, and other substance. Light gases will be discharged through the gaseous vent. Then the steam is cooled and become liquid water again. This water is called distilled water. It’s purified water.

The benefits

Well what are the benefits? From the process of distillation, we can see that the high temperature can kill all the bacteria, cysts and virues in the water. And when the liquid water becomes vapor, except water other substance is left behind. The distilled water from steam doesn’t contain other substance. It’s completely pure.

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In nature water or in tap water, water is not pury at all. Many substance and organics are in the water. Some substance such as aluminum is harmful for our health. The bacteria, cysts and virues are also a big problem for our health. Some spring water has some useful minerals for our health. But nowadays, water is polluted because of industry development. Even the tap water we drink contains some remains such as chlorine. Chlorine is harmful for our health.

How to make distilled water?

We cannot live without water. If we drink unhealthy water, we may get ill. The most effect way to avoid this is to drink distilled water. Distilled water is available in the supermarket. You can get one liter for about $1.5. A little expensive, isn’t it. Well, how to make distilled water easily, effectively and economically? The best way is to buy a home distillerfor about $200 to $500. You may think the purchase cost is a little high. But one countertop distiller can make about 4 liters one day. One liter water is only for 26 cents. For a long term, using a countertop water distiller to make it is a good choice. This MegaHome MH943SB is such a best home water distiller. Stainless steel exterior, durable and good quality. It is one of the best distiller on Amazon. Click her to get more details about it!

Is distilled water safe to drink?

All in all, the answer is yes. It’s not expensive and can protect your family from water borne diseases.

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