This TC-500 AUTOMATIC WATER DISTILLER is the most compact and affordable automatic water distiller from Nutriteam. It is suitable for daily heavy use. You can use this unit at home, in the office or in the laboratory. It is constructed of sturdy and heavy duty 304 stainless steel outside and inside. It can make up to 5 gallons distilled water in a day. A 4 gallon storage tank is also included to store distilled water. The regular cleaning and maintenance is easy because of its convenient drain valve which is attached to the boil chamber. You just need to drain the boil chamber of contaminants every 1 or 2 weeks. You can access the boil chamber every 1 to 3 months for a more thorough cleaning.

This is one of the best distillers from Nutriteam. It can works for you for many years. It is a great investment on pure water. Also the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on labor and parts.

Automatically distills and automatically stops

Unlike other home models, this unit will automatically start to distill if there is no more than 1 gallon water in the tank, which is full automatic.

Easily connect to the water source

It is easy to connect it to the water source with a 1/4″ line. Once it is connected to the tap water, when the water in the tank is less than 1 gallon, it will turn on the tap water for distilling. You can use the installation kit or buy an addle valve if you don’t feel satisfied with the included kit.

Sturdy construction: Full stainless steel construction outside and inside

This unit is very sturdy due to its full stainless steel construction, while others may use plastic outside

Other features:

  • Water level sensors are used to control the water level in the tank and in the boil chamber.
  • Raw water inlet control valve
  • Quiet running
  • Long-lasting ball-bearing cooling fan
  • An electronic circuit board is used to control the whole process of distilling.

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