The Truth and Facts of Solar Water Distiller

It is sickening to witness the damaging water and the effects of consuming contaminated water. The water gets polluted and dirty due to natural disasters too. Both water in over abundance and scarcity of water are equally dangerous. Too much of floods brings a lot of water, but they also carry along a lot of deadly germs and infections, which will kill thousands of people per day. And so water has become a challenging issue in the present world for the mankind. This is due to the deficiency of clean water.

Many people are unaware of the problem and hence are unable to do anything to correct this issue. But one thing can be done to eradicate this problem, and that is to implement solar water distiller equipment. This is one best method to get pure water. It is actually a triangular box which has a glass pane covering the top side. While we pour dirty water inside this box and place it in front of the sun, the top enclosed glass will create a green house effect, and eventually the water inside will heat up. Once heated, the water starts to evaporate quickly. The evaporated water gets collected and condensed in the glass beside. This then slides downwards and gets gathered and delivered to a jug/container. Many of the households and offices prefer to use this distiller as the process is simple and needs less maintenance.

The solar distiller is better than other filtration systems. It is actually too easy to construct a system at a house or office. All it needs is a piece of wood and a glass pane. It doesn’t employ any filter actually. The working is just based on the simple and age old evaporation system. The Sun, which is the natural agent helps to clean the water, and hence doesn’t need any other modern or fancy items. Take for example, the water we drink from the coconut, is it pure? No it isn’t. Then how come we drink it? The answer is quite simple, the water that is locked inside the coconut gets cleaned automatically inside the coconut itself, and hence this water distiller is fresh and nutritious.

solar water distillerAny filtration system made by human is more powerful and excellent. It is affordable and reliable. Solar distiller is  such one example. This is a cost effective device and gives a decent amount of filtered water. At times of disaster, the solar water disaster is a boon for the country and the people. Water from the distiller can be provided to people who have no accessibility to water. This solar equipment can be used not only for domestic purposes, but can be efficiently used on a grand scale, for huge length of the area and also to get mass pure water. It can be used in places where there are no rains, piped and well water available. This can be used in remote areas and also at times of power outages. This is a perfect alternate source of clean water.


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