WaterWise 4000 Water Distiller Review

best water distiller: WaterWise 4000 Water Distiller

WaterWise 4000

The Waterwise 4000 water distiller purifier is one of the best countertop water distillers available on the market. This model can provide you the healthy distilled water. This product can easily remove bacteria, dissolved solids, particles, VOCs and other contaminants. Water is the most essential element that our body needs. Drinking pure water can make our body healthy. So a distiller can make distilled water for you. This Waterwise 4000 purifier may be able to help you.

One gallon water in 4 hours, up to 6 gallons per day

It can distill one gallon water in 4 hours, up to 6 gallons per day. 1 gallon pure water is enough for 4 people.

Save money, save money!

Do you know how much do you pay for a gallon homemade pure distilled water? Only 25 cents! But if you buy one gallon  pure water at Wal-Mart, you will pay about $1.5 a gallon.

Stainless steel boiler and condenser

Both the boiler and condenser are made of stainless steel, not aluminum. Stainless steel is very stable, which is not easy to oxidize. And this material is very safe, most of our cookware and other kitchen appliances are made of stainless steel.

Easy and safe operation!

Just make sure the stainless boiler full of ordinary tap water, then plunge into standard electrical outlet, and push the start button to make it work. And you can walk away. After one gallon cycle, it will be shutoff automatically.

Convenient: Portable and lightweight

This home water distiller is adapted Waterwise compact design, which is great for home, travel and office. The weight of this item is only 3.8 kgs. The height is 15″ (38.1cm) and the diameter is only 9″ (22.8cm).

How it works?

The ordinary tap water will be heated to 100°C (212°F) killing all cysts, bacteria and viruses in the water. Steam rises leaving behind dissolved solids, salts, heavy metals and other substances.

What others are saying about?

3 years ago, I bought this Waterwise 4000 . Now it is working well. Each day, I use it for 1-2 gallon clean water. When I have a question, I can easily contact with the Waterwise Company.

My previous one was the old Waterwise 5000 model. Now I am satisfied with the companies’ improvements. Distilling one gallon water is Only 4 hours, while the old one needed 6 hours. And this distiller is easy to clean. Using Lemon juice is the cheapest and easiest way to keep it clean.

Any complaints?

Like other distillers on the market, this one also has a noisy problem while working. The cooling fan and the buzzing noise all have such a problem. So it’s a good idea to place it at some enclosed spaces. But I think this is not a big problem if you want to drink pure water.

Where Can I Get the Best Price?

We often check the price and find that this Waterwise 4000 has the best price at Amazon. The previous price is up to $379, but now you can get it only $289. This price is very competitive. Many people have bought it at Amazon. This product gets 3.9 out of 5 stars.

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